Sell Scrap Online to SCRAPBUDDY — The Online Kabadiwala in Delhi, Noida & Gurugram

Minimum pickup value must be Rs:200/-             Minimum pickup value must be Rs:200/-             Minimum pickup value must be Rs:200/-             Minimum pickup value must be Rs:200/-

Sell Scrap Online to SCRAPBUDDY — The Online Kabadiwala in Delhi, Noida & Gurugram

Sell Scrap Online to SCRAPBUDDY — The Online Kabadiwala in Delhi, Noida & Gurugram

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Say goodbye to cluttered spaces and hello to extra income by selling your scrap online to SCRAPBUDDY, the leading online kabadiwala in Delhi (North, South, East, West, Central), Faridabad, Noida & Gurugram.

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key, and SCRAPBUDDY understands that. We have revolutionized the traditional concept of selling scrap by providing a simple and hassle-free online scrap-selling platform.

So, why let your scrap go to waste when you can effortlessly convert it into cash with SCRAPBUDDY? Get ready to experience the ultimate convenience and numerous benefits that come with selling your scrap online. Join us on our mission to make recycling a way of life, one transaction at a time.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the workings of SCRAPBUDDY and explore the various ways in which you can contribute to a cleaner and greener future. 

How SCRAPBUDDY works: a simple and convenient way to sell your scrap online

Are you tired of the clutter caused by unused scrap materials taking up valuable space in your home or workplace? SCRAPBUDDY offers a solution that not only helps you declutter but also provides a simple and convenient way to sell your scrap online. Let's explore how SCRAPBUDDY works and how you can turn your scrap into cash effortlessly.


Schedule a Pickup

The first step is to visit the SCRAPBUDDY website to schedule a pickup. Simply provide your location, select a convenient date, and provide details about the type and quantity of scrap materials you want to sell. SCRAPBUDDY will then arrange for a collection team to visit your designated location.


Collection and Sorting

On the scheduled day, a SCRAPBUDDY representative will arrive at your location to collect the scrap materials. They will efficiently sort and categorize the items to ensure proper handling and disposal. SCRAPBUDDY's team is trained to identify different types of scrap materials, allowing for accurate evaluation and fair pricing.


Evaluation and Pricing

Once the collection is complete, the collected scrap materials are evaluated based on their type, weight, and market value. SCRAPBUDDY employs transparent and fair pricing mechanisms to ensure you receive a competitive price for your scrap. The evaluation process takes into account the current market rates, ensuring you get the best value for your materials.


Instant Payment

One of the significant advantages of selling your scrap to SCRAPBUDDY is the instant payment feature. Once the evaluation is complete, you will receive immediate payment for your scrap materials. Whether it's cash, electronic transfer, or another convenient payment method, SCRAPBUDDY ensures a hassle-free and efficient payment process.


Environmentally Responsible Disposal

After the collection and payment, SCRAPBUDDY takes on the responsibility of disposing of the scrap materials in an environmentally responsible manner. We have established partnerships with authorized recycling facilities and scrap buyers, ensuring that the materials are properly recycled or reused, thus reducing waste and promoting sustainability.


Customer Support and Assistance

Throughout the entire process, SCRAPBUDDY provides exceptional customer support and assistance. If you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated customer service team is readily available to address your queries, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience.



The benefits of selling your scrap to SCRAPBUDDY: earn money, save space, reduce waste and help the environment

Are you looking for a win-win solution to deal with your scrap materials? Look no further than SCRAPBUDDY, the online scrap collection platform that offers a multitude of benefits. By selling your scrap to SCRAPBUDDY, you not only earn money but also save space, reduce waste, and contribute to environmental sustainability. Let's explore the remarkable advantages of choosing SCRAPBUDDY as your scrap disposal partner.


Earn Money

One of the most obvious benefits of selling your scrap to SCRAPBUDDY is the opportunity to earn money. Those old newspapers, plastic bottles, broken electronics, or unused metal items that are gathering dust in your space can now be turned into cash. SCRAPBUDDY ensures fair pricing based on the type and weight of your scrap materials, offering you a financial incentive for decluttering.


Convenient and Time-Saving

SCRAPBUDDY offers a convenient and time-saving solution for scrap disposal. Instead of individually finding buyers or dealing with the logistics of recycling, SCRAPBUDDY takes care of the entire process. From scheduling a pickup to instant payment, we streamline the experience, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life or business.


Professional and Reliable Service

With SCRAPBUDDY, you can rely on professional and reliable service. Our trained collection team ensures efficient handling and proper evaluation of your scrap materials. You can trust that you will be treated with fairness and transparency throughout the process. SCRAPBUDDY's commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart as a trusted partner for scrap disposal.


Save Space

Scrap materials take up valuable space in your home, office, or storage areas. By selling your scrap to SCRAPBUDDY, you can free up that much-needed space. Instead of allowing scrap to accumulate and create clutter, you can transform your environment into a more organized and spacious place.


Reduce Waste

The disposal of scrap materials is a significant concern when it comes to waste management. By selling your scrap to SCRAPBUDDY, you actively contribute to reducing waste. SCRAPBUDDY ensures that the materials collected from you are properly sorted and recycled or reused. This diversion from landfills helps conserve resources, reduce pollution, and minimize the environmental impact associated with waste disposal.


Environmental Sustainability

SCRAPBUDDY is committed to environmental sustainability. By choosing our services, you become an advocate for a greener future. SCRAPBUDDY collaborates with authorized recycling facilities and scrap buyers, ensuring that your scrap materials are handled responsibly. By participating in the recycling process, you help conserve energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and protect natural resources.


So sell scrap online to SCRAPBUDDY anywhere from Delhi (North, South, East, West, Central), Faridabad, Noida & Gurugram in just a click. Visit today.


Together, let's unlock the potential in our scrap and build a more sustainable world!


Let’s see what our customers Says about us.

Yash Mittal

New Delhi

Kabadiwale ka wait karna aur fir bargain karna has always been a chore to me. Thanks to Scrapbuddy, now I get all this done in a few clicks.

Ankit Goyal

New Delhi

As a bachelor, I want to enjoy my weekends with the commitment picking up of my kabad. With Scrapbuddy, ab mein khud pickup schedule kar sakta hu. Cool, isn’t it?

Sumit Garg

New Delhi

Because of flexible shift timings and a tight schedule, I rarely get time for anything, let alone waiting for a kabadiwala to pass by. Luckily, I can now schedule the pickup to my convenience. Thanks Scrapbuddy.

Devender Pawar

New Delhi

I’m pro-recycling, par mere andar ka Indian also wants to bargain for the right price. With Scrapbuddy, it’s a win-win for me. Yay!

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