Why Choose Scrapbuddy for Selling Old Items?

Minimum pickup value must be Rs:200/-             Minimum pickup value must be Rs:200/-             Minimum pickup value must be Rs:200/-             Minimum pickup value must be Rs:200/-

Why Choose Scrapbuddy for Selling Old Items?

Why Choose Scrapbuddy for Selling Old Items?

Kabad Dealer

Remember when our mother used to stand us up on balcony on sundays to look for kabadiwalas? — Millennials can relate to this very well!

It was perhaps one of the most exciting part of our childhood sundays. However, the times have changed now and in today’s age when no one even wants to wait for more than 30 mins for their pizza, waiting on a kabadiwala seems way tedious.

So, how this new India is dealing with their raddi and other kabad?

They simply throw it away!

According to Bloomberg, “India generates 62 million tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW) annually. Out of the 43 million tonnes of MSW collected, about 31 million tonnes end up in landfills while only 12 million tonnes undergo treatment. This is an abysmally small percentage.”

Shocking, right? But as bitter as it sounds, let’s face it — When today from buying grocery to get your home cleaned everything is available online, it’s not hard to see why people are drifting away from the manual task of waiting on kabadiwalas.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is simple — People want an ONLINE KABADIWALA! And not just any other online Kabadiwala, but someone who can show up to your doorsteps in just a click — like your BUDDY in need.

Presenting you, SCRAPBUDDY!


But why choose SCRAPBUDDY for disposing of your recyclable waste

Scrapbuddy is changing the way India dispose of their dry recyclable waste by transforming the traditional kabadiwala system through it’s innovative digital solutions. By reinventing the age-old kabadiwala system, Scrapbuddy is encouraging the younger generation to scrap their recyclable waste properly.

SCRAPBUDDY — Making scrap-selling super easy 

Here’s how we simplify the kabadi selling process for our customers.

Best Prices & Transparent Rates

With an efficient system in place, we are able to offer competitive prices to our customers and make sure you get the bang for your scrap. This is complemented by a transparent pricing in which you get a price chart (per kg) of different types of wastes while selecting the type of waste. This saves you the mol-bhav hassle.

We also deal in a wide variety of waste, that includes:

  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Metal
  • Appliances
  • Rubber
  • Cloth
  • Vehicle
  • Furniture


Super easy & convenient

Forget all those platforms where you have to submit a ton of details like you’re opting for insurance or something. Scrapbuddy condenses the whole process in 4 simple steps

  • Select your waste type
  • Enter Your mobile number
  • Enter your address
  • Select a date for pickup

And once you’re done with it, relax while we take care of the rest.

Door step pickup

Just like you get your food delivered at your doorsteps, our kabadiwala partners comes to your doorsteps to pickup your waste at the scheduled date and time.


The Bigger Picture

While we’re working to make scrap-selling super accessible, we’re equally committed to contribute to society.

Saving the lives, interests & dignity of our Ka-Buddys’

“The waste we pick isn’t ours, it is yours. And people call us dirty. Despite our work of collecting and segregating everyone’s waste, we are given no dignity. There is no one to represent or recognise our interests or fight for our well-being.” said Santosh, a 33-year-old safai mitra at Bhalswa landfill site in Delhi in an interview with The Wire.

This is not only the story of Santosh, but million of waste pickers like him who risk their lives segregating our waste, and didn’t even treated properly, let alone recognized for their efforts.

Scrapbuddy is an effort to make the recyclable selling like any other online service so people like Santosh get the same level of respect.

Fixing the broken chain of recycling

Kabadiwalas are like house sparrows that we used to see way too often in our childhood, but now they’re rarely seen. So what happened to them?

As we told you earlier in the blog, kabadiwala system has remained unchecked for decades for modernization. As a result, it was left behind in all this technological advancement so much so that today’s tech-savvy generation can’t seem to adopt it.

This has not only forced many kabadiwalas to move to some other source of living, but has also broken the recycling chain. As a result, India is now sitting on a huge pile of waste.

With Scrapbuddy, we aim to bring this recycle chain back on gear by opening up more employment opportunities in the field of kabad.



Encouraging waste segregation

Our age-old habit of waste disposal, one-pot-for-all-waste, has led us nowhere but to a cliff of serious environmental threats, such as air pollution, health problems, climate change, and global warming. It is high time that we fix that, however, as they say — Old habits die hard!

By leveraging the very principal of positive reinforcement, i.e. rewarding with money when someone brings their segregated dry recyclable waste, we want to fix that habit. We also have various school initiatives wherein we teach the kids importance of waste segregation, thus, ensuring a generation who is well-aware of decentralized waste management.

So the next time you want to sell your kabad, contact Scrapbuddy — Most trusted online kabadiwala in Delhi/NCR.



Let’s see what our customers Says about us.

Yash Mittal

New Delhi

Kabadiwale ka wait karna aur fir bargain karna has always been a chore to me. Thanks to Scrapbuddy, now I get all this done in a few clicks.

Ankit Goyal

New Delhi

As a bachelor, I want to enjoy my weekends with the commitment picking up of my kabad. With Scrapbuddy, ab mein khud pickup schedule kar sakta hu. Cool, isn’t it?

Sumit Garg

New Delhi

Because of flexible shift timings and a tight schedule, I rarely get time for anything, let alone waiting for a kabadiwala to pass by. Luckily, I can now schedule the pickup to my convenience. Thanks Scrapbuddy.

Devender Pawar

New Delhi

I’m pro-recycling, par mere andar ka Indian also wants to bargain for the right price. With Scrapbuddy, it’s a win-win for me. Yay!

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